Stewie4Meet Stewie:  Stewie is a beagle that was found 4 years ago and brought into CLAH. He had a back injury, cause unknown. This injury left both hind legs paralyzed. He gets around in a wheelchair that was made custom fit for him. He wore out the first one! (Both chairs were very generously donated.)

Stewie gets plenty of exercise on his front legs as he runs around the kennel area in his wheels. When he’s not in his wheels he lounges around up front in the kennel area on his cozy bed surrounded by his toys. Although he’s estimated to be about 8 years old he plays with his toys like a puppy!

He recently was invited by WVU PAWS to attend a meeting with them. They gave him a big welcome along with a lot of his favorite treats, toys, & blankets!  They were very touched by his story and wanted to share it with other people.  Stewie was very grateful and touched to have met such caring people and make all those new friends! A big thanks to Sherry and Carl for taking him on his outing!

Stewie is always happy to make new friends so please feel free to stop at our kennel and meet him!

Stewie2   Stewie3

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