This is an exciting and very special department of the Cheat Lake Animal Hospital. It is the only one of its kind in the Morgantown area.

The Wellness Center is located in the lower level of our facility. The purpose of the Wellness Center is to have an area of our practice that is fully dedicated to preventative medicine. We focus on educating our clients on the best ways to take care of their pets in order to prevent illness in the future.

The Wellness Center is also the area where our Canine Rehabilitation appointments take place.

The Wellness Center offers a quiet and positive atmosphere, making visits something your pet can anticipate with a purr or a wagging tail.

Winston in the Wellness Center with Dr. Jodi Richardson

The Wellness Center has many positive attributes:

  • Limits the exposure of your healthy pet to sick pets.
  • The expansion of our facility promotes less stress and less wait time for you and your pet.
  • Promotes preventative care for your pet through client education.
  • Lowers chances of your pet becoming sick and helps to catch problems in their earliest stages.
  • Veterinarians are able to focus on wellness and prevention throughout the day without the interruption of emergency and sick pet appointments.
  • Offers special Wellness Packages for your puppy, kitten, new cat or dog, and senior pet.
  • Focuses on weight and nutrition management to keep your pet from putting on unwanted pounds.
  • Devotes extra time to discussing training or behavioral concerns with your pet.
  • Find ways to keep existing pets healthy as you welcome your newest furry family member.
  • Provides a calm and welcoming environment to make vet visits happier!
The Wellness Center

CLAH veterinarians and staff look forward to seeing you and your pet in our Wellness Center.

Let's work together to keep your pet happy and healthy!

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