Cheat Lake Animal Hospital can perform the following diagnostic ultrasounds & other imaging:

Animal receiving ultrasound

We can also perform the following sampling:

Percutaneous liver biopsy

Requires heavy sedation/general anesthesia

Fine Needle Aspirate

Anything, some organs (gallbladder)
Preferably under sedation


Pericardiocentesis, pleurocentesis

Cerebral Spinal Fluid Taps

My father took his 6 year old Maltese in to be checked. We had spent two days calling vet offices around our area for her to be seen since her regular vet was out of the office that week. Thank god Cheat Lake Animal Hospital would see her. They were very friendly and very caring toward our baby and us. The vet herself was very nice and so friendly. If it wasn't for them my dad's baby would have died. She pulled through and is doing very well. Thank you Cheat Lake Animal Hospital for saving her life. You don't know what it means to us to know there is a vet's office that truly cares for their animals.  More testimonials »
- Steven S.

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