On Tuesday, November 18, 2003 we moved our facility to our new location at 286 Fairchance Road, just minutes from our old location.

Directions to the New Location: Off I-68, go North on Rt. 857 for about 1/4 mile. We are on the right hand side, directly after Quarry Run Road.

This facility is a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital within a 10,000 square foot area. It contains a new and larger boarding and grooming facility. The original house will be the headquarters of the non-profit organization, The Human-Animal Bond, Inc., and will be the location for the Read-to-Dogs Program.

The hospital side of the facility includes offices and a conference room, plus a basement where puppy and dog training classes will take place. An Aqua Treadmill has been installed in the basement to be used for canine physical rehabilitation..

This facility will allow us to serve our clients and our patients, boarders, and grooming pets to the fullest of our abilities.

Below are some pictures of the construction

The original house upon purchase.  This is the center of the new facility.  The boarding/grooming area and hospital area are now added to each side of the house.
The original house upon purchase. This is the center of the new facility. The boarding/grooming area and hospital area are now added to each side of the house.

A picture of the completed construction as of June 2003. The boarding/grooming area is to the right of the original house, the hospital area to the left.

Mr. Doug Menlove and Mr. Fritz Yuvancic, who both play a very important role in the shaping of the facility made this sign to introduce everyone to the new location.

The hospital reception area as you would enter through the side entrance. Many windows and skylights will make this area worth “waiting” in!

The side entrance to the hospital will be accessed through a courtyard in the front center of the facility. The entire bottom half of the building will be covered in slab stone.

The rear side view of the clinic. The stain has been placed on the wood siding and the trim painted around the windows and doors.

Some of the outdoor runs of the boarding kennel. Fencing and gates have not yet been placed. These are the outdoor portion of the indoor/outdoor runs. Dogs will access the outside run through a guillotine door.

A couple of the indoor/outdoor runs as viewed from the inside. Again no gates or fencing have been added yet, but the view of the future space for guillotine doors are present. Our boarding facility will have the ability to house many more dogs and cats than our current capacity.

The indoor kennels with their new gates and doors installed.

The outdoor kennels with gates and doors installed.

This is the center of the facility, which is the original house. This area will be home to our non-for-profit organization, Human-Animal Bond, Inc. and will be where the “Read to Dogs” program will take place.

The hospital side of the facility.

The boarding reception area. A gift shop, which will display crafts of Glass House Art will be above this reception area.

Come see this place up-close and personal….it is quite a sight to see!

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