max-the-chocolate-labMax the Chocolate Lab is the sole survivor of a house fire that took place on April 16, 2003 in Albright, West Virginia. After escaping the fire, he was stuck by the oncoming fire truck. Max was then rushed to the Cheat Lake Animal Hospital for emergency treatment. Although his burns were not extensive, the fire truck had done much damage to his hips, rear legs, and some internal organs.

Max was stabilized, then hospitalized at the Cheat Lake Animal Hospital for approximately 2-1/2 months. While here he went through 3 surgeries to help fix his hips and bladder. For several weeks he had a urinary catheter. Max is still due to have one more surgery on his hips and will go through a lot of rehabilitation training. The Cheat Lake Animal Hospital will be obtaining a HydroTherapy unit to aid in his rehab.

Max went home with his new owners during the first week of June. He continues his recovery at home and is doing very well. Max visited the Cheat Lake Animal Hospital on Saturday, June 28th to attend the Yard Sale which was held in his honor. The yard sale collected a little bit more than $1000 to go towards Max’s surgeries and therapies.

The Cheat Lake Animal Hospital staff and Max’s family want to thank all of the kind people and organizations that have sent donations to aid in his recovery. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

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