Kitty Cats: “Enjoying the Ride!”

Enjoying the Ride

Getting your cat or cats to their veterinary visits is important and often challenging.  

The safe mode of transportation is a carrier, and it can be your cat’s happy place.

Please try these suggestions:

1. Do not wait until appointment day to drag the cat carrier from storage. Instead, have it sitting out with the door open (or temporarily removed) and put a soft blanket or towel, a few toys and treats inside so your kitty may explore. You will know that a visit has occurred if the treats are gone or the blanket is rustled.  If you see your kitty in the carrier give him or her some verbal praise and a treat.

2. Practice runs may be helpful if you have time.  Simply close the carrier door and walk around the very familiar house with your pet.  Going to pick up some fast food?  Take your kitty for a ride and when the two of you return, you get dinner and kitty gets rewarded with treats.

3. Appointment day is here. Please be calm as cats tune in to your stress. I suggest putting the familiar carrier, kitty and you into a small room with door closed.  If entering carrier with ease isn’t happening at least you won’t be playing “chase the cat” throughout your home. Sit carrier upright and allow gravity to assist you by dropping pet in feet first. Bring a towel or small blanket that smells familiar to cover carrier if he or she is frightened in the car, and remember hiding keeps your kitty feeling safe.

4. Have you dealt with motion sickness or accidents in the carrier that have you rolling down the windows?  Don’t feed 3-4 hours before your trip.  An extra towel, blanket, or multiple paper towels will prevent kitty from becoming soiled and we know cats love to be clean.

Contact us at (304)594-1124 or if you have any questions about traveling safe with your kitty!

We are striving to be feline friendly?,

H.L. Kossuth DVM and staff of CLAH

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