Diagnostic Ultrasound

Cheat Lake Animal Hospital can perform the following diagnostic ultrasounds (and other diagnostic imaging):

  1. Full abdomen: liver, gallbadder, kidneys, spleen, adrenals, bladder, lymph nodes, GI tract (stomach, duodenum, jejunum, colon), pancreas, peritoneum and retroperitoneum
  2. Urinary systems: kidneys, urinary bladder, regional lymph nodes
  3. Recheck single organ (ex: spleen or liver or kidneys)
  5. Joint ultrasound
  6. Subcutaneous/dermal mass ultrasound
  7. Ocular/retrobulbar ultrasound
  8. Cervical ultrasound (to evaluate for thyroid masses or parathyroid masses, requires sedation)
  9. Ultrasound of thoracic masses (need to be close to the body wall, sometimes requires general anesthesia to collapse the affected lung lobe)

We can also perform the following sampling:

  1. Percutaneous liver biopsy (requires heavy sedation/general anesthesia)
  2. Fine Needle Aspirate – anything, some organs (gallbladder) (preferably under sedation)
  3. Thoracocentesis – pericardiocentesis, pleurocentesis
  4. Cerebral Spinal Fluid taps

Please call us at (304) 594-1124 to schedule an appointment or to send a referral.