Pharmacy Students


Meet West Virginia University School of Pharmacy students Cameron Turner & Ethan Roy.  They will be doing their 4th year rotation here at Cheat Lake Animal Hospital.

Cameron is from Pertersbrg, WV. He enjoys hiking, food & travel. He has 2 dogs & 2 cats. He would like to work at a community pharmacy after he graduates.

Ethan is from Harman, WV. He has 1 cat. He enjoys food & playing guitar. He would also like to work at a community pharmacy after he graduates.

Pharmacy Students March 2017

Curtis is a 4th year veterinary student at West Virginia University.  He is from Sistersville, WV.  Curtis enjoys playing soccer, volleyball and the piano.  He has a 15-year old Shih-Tzu at home named Kowe.  He chose a rotation with CLAH to have basic knowledge of veterinary medicine, hoping it will help him in the community pharmacy setting, which is where he hopes to be after graduation.

Lauren is a 4th year veterinary student at West Virginia University.  She is from Baltimore, MD and enjoys hiking and kayaking.  She has fish and her dog Lumi at home.  She plans to do some traveling after graduation and then find employment in a community/retail pharmacy.  She is interested in having a better understanding of animal medications to further her future practice.

Pharmacy Student February 2017

Dylan is a 4th year pharmacy student from Marshall University.  He is from Sand Fork, West Virginia.  He has three dogs, Bear, Bo, and Peaches.  Dylan would like to work in retail pharmacy after graduation and hopes to gain new information about veterinary medications during his rotation with CLAH.  Welcome Dylan!

Pharmacy Students January 2017

Jenny is from Berkeley Springs, WV and is a 4th year WVU Pharmacy student.  She enjoys playing tennis, skiing, and reading.  She has a 13 year old Shepherd mix who loves to nap!  Jenny is currently pursuing a Residency program post-graduation.  She would like to eventually work in a VA hospital/outpatient clinic.  She chose her rotation with CLAH because she wants to learn how medications are used in animals, beyond what she’s learned in class about indications in humans.  Plus, she enjoys spending time around all kinds of furry creatures!

Rachel is from Cumberland, MD and is a 4th year WVU Pharmacy student.  She likes to shoot pool, enjoys drawing, and traveling.  She has 3 cats at home.  After graduation she would like to work in a retail pharmacy in her hometown.  She chose her rotation here because she has always loved animals.  She was in 4-H and FFA and did her Associates degree in Animal Science.  She is interested in seeing the application of common medications in the veterinary population.

Welcome Jenny and Rachel!

Pharmacy Student – Oct. 2016


Tony Parker has joined us this month to complete his 4th year WVU pharmacy rotation.  Tony is from Terra Alta, WV and enjoys hunting and fishing.  He has three dogs at home.  He chose this rotation because he likes dogs and animals in general.  He wanted to be a veterinarian until starting college.  Tony would like to find employment in a retail pharmacy after graduation.