Lyme Vaccine Clinic

 TicksLyme Disease has Moved into Morgantown!

Lyme disease is spread by ticks that feed on our dogs. It causes painful joints, fever, and decrease in appetite, just to name a few symptoms. Some dogs can suffer kidney disease and have long term effects of the condition. All dogs in the West Virginia are at risk due to the high deer population that spread ticks and the disease. We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of cases of Lyme disease in dogs this year.

Vaccination, in conjunction with tick prevention will help ensure your dog has the best chance to preventing Lyme disease.

To help protect your dog from this painful tick disease, please visit our Lyme Vaccine Clinic in our Wellness Center on January 16, 2016 from 1pm to 5pm.

Stewie Visits WVU!

Stewie4Meet Stewie:  Stewie is a beagle that was found 4 years ago and brought into CLAH. He had a back injury, cause unknown. This injury left both hind legs paralyzed. He gets around in a wheelchair that was made custom fit for him. He wore out the first one! (Both chairs were very generously donated.)

Stewie gets plenty of exercise on his front legs as he runs around the kennel area in his wheels. When he’s not in his wheels he lounges around up front in the kennel area on his cozy bed surrounded by his toys. Although he’s estimated to be about 8 years old he plays with his toys like a puppy!

He recently was invited by WVU PAWS to attend a meeting with them. They gave him a big welcome along with a lot of his favorite treats, toys, & blankets!  They were very touched by his story and wanted to share it with other people.  Stewie was very grateful and touched to have met such caring people and make all those new friends! A big thanks to Sherry and Carl for taking him on his outing!

Stewie is always happy to make new friends so please feel free to stop at our kennel and meet him!

Stewie2   Stewie3

Save Our Lives Fund

Occasionally, the Cheat Lake Animal Hospital will obtain homeless dogs and cats. On our blog, we will show pets who are in need of homes. If you are interested in any of the pets we list, please contact us at (304)594-1124 or e-mail us at

Support the Fund

The Cheat Lake Animal Hospital staff has recently started the Save Our Lives Fund. We will be selling special treats in the reception area of the hospital to collect funds to help cover costs of medical treatment and care for the pets that are sometimes abandoned at our hospital.

Please Note

All pets that are seen here have been spayed or neutered and have had their vaccinations started, so there will be a minor adoption fee to cover these costs.

Dr. Jesse Fallon Invited to India!

In February 2010, Cheat Lake Animal Hospital veterinarian Jesse Fallon delivered two lectures at an international wildlife veterinary conference at Madras Veterinary College in Chennai, India. More than 150 veterinarians from around the world—South Africa, France, Australia, the UK, Canada, Malaysia, and elsewhere—attended the conference. Lectures dealt with a wide variety of topics, from tuberculosis in Asian Elephants to anesthesia procedures for Striped Hyenas to controlling breeding among captive Marsh Crocodiles.

One of Dr. Fallon’s lectures, “Principles of Avian Orthopedic Management,” featured x-rays of several wildlife patients treated at Cheat Lake Animal Hospital, including an Eastern Screech-Owl with a humeral fracture, a Red-tailed Hawk with a broken ulna and radius, and a Cooper’s Hawk with a fractured ulna. Dr. Fallon discussed the techniques veterinarians could use to place pins into broken bird bones and how to stabilize the pins with external fixators to encourage healing.

A few days after returning home, Dr. Fallon received an email from a veterinarian in Goa, India, who works for a wildlife rescue organization. The vet had a patient—a Spotted Owlet—with a humeral fracture, and he had a few questions about the surgery. Dr. Fallon was able to send him x-rays of the Screech-Owl treated at CLAH as a reference. It’s amazing that a little Screech-Owl from West Virginia is going to help a Spotted Owlet with the same injury, halfway around the world in southern India.

Dr. Fallon and his wife Katie had an incredible time visiting Madras Veterinary College—generous hosts, delicious food, gorgeous weather, and lots of new friends!

Golden Rule Assistance Dogs

The Golden Rule Assistance Dogs have graduated and most have been placed in homes.  We are very proud of them and happy to see them applying all the wonderful tasks they’ve learned.

The program will be on hold for a while during some people training, but we hope that in a year or so we’ll have more beautiful Goldens to puppy dog, watch grow, and see develop into extremely helpful dogs!

Some of the recent crew of graduates are pictured below. Just click on each picture to enlarge.

golden-rule3  golden-rule1 golden-rule2